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At the core of every company or organization is a great story. Where you came from and what you are… where you are going and what you want to be. It is how the story is told which is the secret to your success.
Marketing and advertising are just means to tell your story. But whom you choose to be your muse may very well help decide if you will be a legend, or just another fairy-tale. Even a modest pebble can make a big splash.
That where Big Splash Marketing Communications comes in to the picture.
We began with two ad men and an idea- to become the best story-tellers in the Hudson Valley. Building on the reputation of Sapphire Advertising and infused with big agency experience, Big Splash is focused on helping small businesses, middle-market companies, non-profit organizations, and government institutions, achieve their goals through marketing communications.
Our Marketing Philosophy
Big Splash believes that effective marketing is communication that memorably and engagingly moves the target to take action. This action may be to purchase a product, engage a service, adopt a behavior, or simply to be aware. To this end, we believe that the message needs to create an emotional connection between the target and the concept. This connection serves as the vehicle for the target to accept and internalize the product and service message.
Our Creative Approach
Our goal is to effectively address our target audiences with meaningful stories in a manner that is both specifically relevant and broadly appealing. The process is as follows:
  1. We create these stories by starting with insights generated by marketing research acquired from client interviews, industry publications, expert reports, syndicated studies, online surveys, and focus groups.
  2. Next, we compile, synthesize, and analyze, the data to formulate a position that is then molded into creative concepts based in copy and graphics.
  3. These creative concepts are tested with the target audience and refined based upon the additional insights generated until the marketing message resonates with all stakeholders.
  4. Then we develop communications that are media-neutral. The channels we choose are is best suited to achieve maximum results for our client’s campaigns.
  5. The last step is to assess the effect of the marketing and refine the campaign based upon a measured impact.
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